Shine*ola Communications is a cooperatively-run team of dedicated and talented designers, planners and producers offering a wide range of creative communications services. Our goal: to capture the attention and imagination of your target audience with effective communication tools.

Event Design & Management

Shine*ola has a reputation for creating many of the most memorable, meaningful and successful events in the Capital Region. From private functions, corporate and fundraising events to large-scale public festivals, if there was magic in the air... Shine*ola was probably there.

Media & Public Relations

We're here to help you find your voice. Media releases, public relations, ad copy and publicity: we have the tools and experience to create memorable and meaningful messages. Shine*ola can help you develop and manage an effective campaign and deliver your message to right media channels.

Media Production Services

Our team is well-versed in the creative alchemy of digital media. Efective communication requires the right combination of design ingredients: typography, image, motion, colour. It also requires the knowledge to select the most effective method of delivery: print, electronic media, television, radio. Shine*ola also offers full service media duplication, print & packaging at competitive rates.